Now is it finally so far. After a long time waiting we get our boat at the 03. May 2007.

We were very proud to took over the keys at 12:00 h. Now we are also in the position to offer all the nice dive sites at Klein-Bonaire and all the other spots you normally cannot reach with a rental car.


The “MOONSHADOW” is powered by 2 Yamaha the 4-Stroke outdrives with 100 HP each. The engines are very silent and your boattrip will no be disturbed by “engine noise”. The world around is noisy enough. Small consumption with high engine achievement support the positive environmental policy of the island.

Capt. Armando will show you a lot of wonderful an cozy dive sites. We start at 10:00 h with our boat trip so that you will have enough time in the morning to celebrate a breakfast. We are always doing 2-tank dives.

For lunch break (included in the boat diving) we are going to a very nice beach on Klein-Bonaire where you also can snorkel during the lunch break.

We build our own gangway so that we can enter the “MOONSHADOW” Boot_1
very comfortable..

The “MOONSHADOW” is a Trimaran with a large, flat deck and offers space for 16 divers but most of the time we close the boat list at 10 divers.

Therefore every single diver has a lot of space and privacy on board for himself and the equipment. By the deck size of (35 sqm) the heeling of the “MOONSHADOW” is nearly zero. This is very comfortable especially for divers who are getting seasick very fast

Of course we have an emergency oxygen equipment (trained staff as well) and telephone on board.