You decided already to become a SSI Professional ? Congratulations to that decision.
You will realize immediately that this was a right decision.

There are quite a lot of reasons to enrol in an Instructor Training Course (ITC) with SSI and the Tropical Divers on Bonaire. Instructor Training programs are not quite similar. So, let’s have a close look to the

11 reasons why to attend an ITC with Tropical Divers on Bonaire.

Reason 1: SSI - Experience since 40 Years in Diving Education

Scuba Schools International is a worldwide diver certification agency and educational support organization since 40 years. Recognized as an innovative leader in diver education, we create state-of-the-art training programs, training standards and materials for all levels of diver education. SSI offers the most sophisticated Internet Portal which is recognized to be “State of the Art” inside the diving industry. SSI Facilities have access to all important information and training tools anytime and anywhere. In addition to that SSI Facilities get provided with a personalized “Customer Relationship Management System” to raise their Customer`s Retention.

Reason 2: SSI “The Business Support Company” in Diving Business

Professional Dive Retailers must implement and establish policies and standards in their facility in order to be successful. SSI is “The Business Support Company” of the diving industry. SSI offers modular support seminars covering the business aspects of diving. The SSI Sales Representatives are well trained in Business Strategies as well in order to support the SSI Facilities effectively in the day-to-day operation.

Reason 3: SSI The most flexible Educational System in the Industry

The SSI Total Teaching System is the most flexible training system in the market. The possibility to adjust the standards to environmental needs entitles SSI Facilities to offer real life programs in order to teach safe and responsible divers.

Reason 4: Cooperation between DiveCenter and Dive Professional

SSI Instructors have the added benefit of teaching through a scuba school run by an SSI Dealer. As an instructor, you have access to professional facilities, training equipment, equipment service and repair, organized diving opportunities, quality promotional campaigns, group insurance and complete diver support. This allows you to avoid all the problems that arise for independents and frees you to do what you love: work with students.

Reason 5: Duration of the ITC

Most of the ITC’s are conducted in 7 - 8 days. We take the time of 12 days. This means that you are in the position to learn in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Night-Sessions are not necessary. Often you have to update some parts - but we will have enough time for practicing and repeating. We are interested in experience and preparation therefore we take our time for that. We are also not working only for passing the Instructor Evaluation – of course this is your and our goal – we like to prepare you for “the life” after the IE.  

Reason 6: Additional Update-Seminars (if necessary)

We are conducting our SSI Instructor Training Course in 12 days. In the middle of the program all the candidates will have 2 days off. You can use this time to relax a little bit or – if necessary – to enroll in our theory-update seminars we are offering at this period.
We are thinking that to become an instructor is a responsible step and we have to take care for that.

Reason 7: Cooperation and Team Spirit

SSI’s Training Standards and Teaching System are the perfect blend of structure and flexibility. We teach you to be a professional educator capable of making adjustments to meet the challenges of your geographic area and the needs of your students. You possess business knowledge that other candidates don’t. Our expanded course content gives you an edge over “teaching only” programs which makes you a much more valuable, well-rounded employee.

Reason 8: 2 Days Pre-Study Program included

We are offering (at no extra costs) additional a 2 days pre-study program. This pre-study program offers you tests in diving theory, skill circuits in the pool and open water as well as rescue exercises.

Reason 9: Tropical Environment - Warm Water

If you prefer to do your instructor class in a tropical environment with warm water conditions and a relaxed atmosphere, then join Tropical Divers Bonaire to reach your goal to become a
SSI Instructor.

Reason 10: Class Rooms and Presentaion Techniques

Most modern presentaion techniques (data projectors, laptop/PC, video, whiteboard etc.) are available. All necesary SSI materials, generous designed class rooms - all equiped
with AirCo - will allow a most comfortable studying.

Reason 11: All-Inclusive-Rates

The all-inclusive-rates of Tropical Divers are including already the accommodation as well as the tanks (air or NITROX, steel tanks). perfect logistic conditions as well as our own deep training pool (10 m x 4,50 m x 3,50 m), grant a perfect environment for your ITC. So you are not only able to use one or two training sessions in the pools or in the open water like with other instructor programs. The pool is open also during the night and the ocean is directly at your front yard.

This is what we call RELAXED !

 We assure to conduct also you in a safe and relaxed way to your SSI Instructor Evaluation (IE).


Sigrid Lottra 

Claus H. Neumann

SSI Instructor Trainer

 SSI Instructor Certifier

DAN Instructor Trainer

DAN Instructor Trainer