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Rebreather Diving on Bonaire

“Do it silent” is the key point of rebreather diving. You will find a totally new experience of diving, beiing closer to the aquatic life, relaxed and nearly unlimited dives are only a few key facts which you only can find with rebreather diving.

We are offering dives with the DRÃGER FGT 5400 (SCR - semi-closed) as well as with our further development the DBA6000 (mCCR kiss style). Dolphin

Especially for the Ladies we are offering our “ultra light” version with CFK-Tanks. Diving with a Rebreather should not be any longer a male domain only.

The minimum requirement for this Try-Out-Dives are:

  • a certification as an Advanced Open Water Diver or equivalent
  • a minimum of 100 logged dives
  • Nitrox Level II certification


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